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Doctors Education Seminar: Back Pain – A Paradigm Shift In Management

Dr David Johnson Brain and Spinal NeuroSurgeon, NeuroHAB Movement Therapist, Olympic Weightlifting Trainer, Nutrition Educator

Should age effect movement?

Educating Doctor’s about Functional Movement and NEUROHAB. I think there were many “light bulb” moments for our doctors.  See for your self.

Functional Movement Training Centre
Staff – Taking Care of Business

Virtuosity of Movement. The imperative to reverse Low Back Pain.

Treating back pain with neurostimulation surgery and NeuroHAB

A fireplace chat with Dr David Johnson neurosurgeon, and Dr Mark Craig “The Back Doctor”.

Contemporary researchers such as Stuart McGill, agree with our philosophy.  He doesn’t describe a sound mechanism to repair the problem but he recognises the current problem with back pain management.  Functional Movement Training Centre has implemented NeuroHAB for 5 years to effectively address the root cause that Dr Mcgill describes in line with our approach.

Movement Obstructing Barriers sometimes require elimination with surgery so patients then have the ability to participate in NeuroHAB Functional Movement Therapy and cure the primary disease that caused all the symptoms.

Functional Movement Training Centre featured on Channel Nine News

Corporate Seminar – Functional Movement Training for injury prevention and rehabilitation

Back pain patient to Functional Athlete.

Author Christine Cronau interviews Dr David Johnson, Neurosurgeon, about nutrition and health

The GP Show – In-depth discussion about the required paradigm shift in back pain management.

This lecture describes why current back pain treatment methods are utilising a flawed paradigm and the global industry is not taking accountability for the epidemic prevalence this ubiquitous condition. Failed Rehabilitation Syndrome has eluded scrutiny but is very real.

Dr Julie Foucher, Primary Care Physician in the USA interviews Dr David Johnson about Functional Movement Therapy – The cure for spine pain symptoms.