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Meet The Team

Dr David Johnson

Dr David Johnson is a brain and spinal neurosurgeon, who has had a pioneering role in the establishment of multidisciplinary spinal practices, and holistic care for neurosurgical patients.

He is credited with launching 3 Functional Movement Training Centre’s in Queensland, including, the World’s first in hospital facility at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital, having already delivered his NeuroHAB Back Pain Rehabilitation Program successfully to over 1000 patients.  The Functional Movement Training Centre now delivers a multitude of programs at the Headquarters in Woolloongabba.

Dr Johnson’s expertise covers a wide range of brain and spinal neurosurgery including low back, sacro-iliac and neck pain management, minimally invasive key hole techniques, neuro-oncology, acute cerebro-vascular surgery, brain and spine trauma, trigeminal neuralgia, pituitary surgery, CSF diversion surgery and pain neurostimulation surgery.

A priority in Dr Johnson’s service is delivering a message of foundational health imperatives to all his patients, beginning with nutrition and movement proficiency. Provision of comprehensive Low Insulinaemic nutritional advice is routinely provided to patients by close collaborations with contemporary clinical Nutritionists. The alarming extent of preventable and reversible chronic disease that plagues our patients, presenting with advancing obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease should be addresses at every opportunity.

City to Coast Neurosurgery and the Functional Movement Training Centre pride themselves on providing a comprehensive multidisciplinary boutique neurosurgery service with distinction.

“Neurosurgery is a huge ordeal for patients and families and we feel privileged to be entrusted with your health”

Joanne Johnson

Joanne is a Registered Nurse, holds a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and is Co Director of the Functional Movement Training Centre and the College of Functional Movement Clinicians. Joanne is responsible for overseeing referral management, coordinating programs throughout Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Bundaberg and Brisbane and is actively involved in the development and implementation of Movement Therapy Programs and staff training through the Woolloongabba Headquarters in Brisbane. Prior to this, Joanne has been the Practice Nurse for City to Coast Neurosurgery since 2007.

Joanne’s vision is Health Care not Sick Care.  She is passionate about providing patients with the tools to prevent the need for long term intervention and to empower patients to realise they do not have to live with pain.  Joanne holds a special interest in the management of chronic pain. She believes the combination of Group Psychology and Movement Therapy create the perfect recipe for success in the NeuroHAB program.

Courtney Endres, Exercise Physiologist, Senior Functional Movement Therapist

Rehabilitation Coordinator – Jamy-Lee