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Back Pain is a puzzle - We've put the pieces together
The truth about spinal degeneration
Treating pain alone is not logical - You must address the cause too
A pleasure to help Dr Mark Craig "The Back Dr" with our NeuroHAB Program
Community Education Night at the Centenary RSL
Teaching Medical Students about Movement - They will be our future Doctors and must recognise the importance
Inspiring the best from us
The Posterior Kinetic Chain dissected out - It is real, make sure its healthy
Back Pain drives a billion dollar industry - ask your therapist, "what causes my pain?"
Not one day of Movement Therapy in 4 years
Pilates does not fix Back Pain
Physiotherapist being honest with himself and more importantly with his patients.
Why move this way?
Our patients graduating NeuroHAB with new skills, able to eliminate Back Pain with ongoing Movement Proficiency
Neither of these lifting movements are good - let us teach you